The trend keeps going with this week being my new favorite week yet. Spending time doing visual editing let me play towards my goofy creative side with some really enjoyable visual assignments. Before that though, I began the week by checking out Telling Stories in Photos. This turned out to be more informative than I anticipated given it’s length because my complete lack of photography skills. I talk a bit about it in my blog post just below.

Following that I made sure to browse through the provided links and check out some photos to analyze. I wasn’t able to go as in-depth as I had initially wanted to, but that come down to my sheer lack of knowledge on the subject.

Next I took some much needed time to familiarize myself with my unused camera so I could take some photos for the photoblitz. Twenty minutes doesn’t seem short until you need to take a few photos apparently. Even with the rush I was only able to finish 6/7 in time and talked about them in my post below.

The visual assignment portion of the week in particular was my favorite, leaving me satisfied with the work I had finished. I ended up with a little over the 12 star minimum spread across 6 assignments.

This week I did manage to follow the ACTUAL rules for daily creates and completed them on the day they came out. When doing the mashup/mix one I wasn’t quite sure what it was asking, so I just gave my best guess. These daily creates are working as a nice way to force myself into creative mode a few times a week instead of my usual few times a month, so they have felt pretty beneficial.

This week centered around how a story can be expressed with photos and pictures has shown me that even though I truly appreciate these are forms, I am quite ignorant of them. It lets me see a path that I need to take to understand more aspects of expressing my intent through digital form. Especially in the photography side of the house. I look forward to exploring these avenues more in the weeks to come.