This week was primarily a week of reflection. All the assignments had something to do with looking back on or improving assignments we had done in previous weeks. I’m someone who often tries to self reflect, so I felt right at home this week going over my own works. I started off with the first assignment to reflect back on the broadcast of another group’s radio show and also my own group’s radio show.

I used the idea of reflection as a starting point for the next assignment, brainstorming for future assignments.

Next is a bit of a two part assignment, 3 daily creates, followed by an assignment to connect them all with a story. This was one of my favorite assignments to date, and definitely takes the spot of best of the week. Below are the three daily creates, then my story that connects those 3, as well as one I did last week.

The final task was to revisit 2 past assignments and either redo, improve, remix, etc. While picking the 2 came quite easily for me, actually changing them was the opposite. The second of my choices is possibly the most difficult portion of audio editing that I’ve done to date, and it still only turned out so-so in listening quality, but I’m still pretty happy with it.

All in all, it was a refreshing week to get to revisit the past and use it to set up for the future.