This was a rather short week, at least when it comes to the number of assignments to complete. The focus was heavily on working on the group radio show and getting it completed. That said, it was a nice change of pace spending so much time working with the other students. We did a great job organizing and getting everything taken care of. Check out the radio show down below from my teammate’s sound cloud. (it freezes whenever I try to upload it to my sound cloud)

Other than the show itself, we needed to complete an update and explanation of our work on the show since last week. The description tells it all, so here it is

And always last but never least are the weekly creates, which never end up being anything but deceptively enjoyable. Only 2 for the week though.

I was a bit worried before these last two weeks about doing a group assignment for an online class, but the results ended up completely the reverse of my expectations. My group members were a pleasure to work with, great about getting work completed, and had similar ideas for how the radio show should be done, which made it into a fun two weeks of ds106.