The main focus of this week was very clearly placed on setting up and beginning work for our group radio show. It was a little slow starting, because most of us didn’t know each other, but it ended up going really well and was a lot more fun than I expected. I’m really looking forward to getting everything going and putting it all together to see what the final product will end up like. Without further ado, lets get into what went on this week in specific.

After meeting up with the group on Tuesday and hashing everything out, we were able to devise a decent game plan for our radio show to run like a well oiled machine. I go into more detail giving a bit of a breakdown below.

Next I had to break into my creative side to come up with some design relating to our show, where I chose a bumper sticker. For it, I actually used a shortened form of our groups full name, but I’m still pretty happy with the results. I felt like I was able to match my expectations for how the final product should look, while encompassing some of those 80’s attributes.

For this week, we went back for more audio assignments, which aren’t my favorite but still always end up being enjoyable. The goal was 10, but with the ones I wanted to do, I ended up with 11 stars. It also worked out so I could make a commercial for the show while also getting some of those juicy stars.

And last but not least, we move onto the Daily Creates. There is so much variety in them from one day to the next, that they always end up being interesting to work on. Check out the tweets for some of the shenanigans an my amazing rendition of Mario.

I’m really happy with how smooth this went considering there was a group aspect. I always get a bit nervous once group dynamics are added into class work, especially since it is an online class, but my group members far out classed my expectations. I’m excited to get down into it and do the dang thing with this radio show.