The theme of audio related assignments led to a recurring theme in completion that was pretty surprising to me, difficulty starting. With almost every assignment this week, the first step was the most difficult/time consuming part. Maybe this style of work doesn’t match my style of creativity, or maybe it is just a coincidence. Either way, using Audacity to piece together and edit all these audio files ended up being pretty fun after getting the hang of the program (first time using it). After taking a listen to the recommended material, I started off by blogging my brief audio reflection.

Afterwards, I gave my first audio only assignment in my life a shot with coming up with a DS106 radio show bumper

After using that to get my toes we, I dove into the 12 stars worth of audio assignments. The ones that stood out to me right away ended up being worth a bit more then 12, so I stuck with my initial picks.

And last but not least, the only mandatory audio assignment

Other then the audio assignments, I also completed 3 Daily creates for this week.

Moving forward to the last task of the week, I dedicated a blog post to some brainstorming for the upcoming radio show.

It was a little difficult getting used to Audacity software, but ended up being worth it to finish all these enjoyable assignments. Although audio storytelling doesn’t feel like my cup of tea, it is always nice to broaden the horizons a bit.