This week was a continuation from week 10 as a delve into video storytelling. So far, this has been the lease fitting storytelling format for me. While it was fun getting to do more group work with the same group I did the radio show with, it felt much less my “niche” this time around. Maybe its just that cinematography is a little overwhelming to me. Either way it was definitely an informative two weeks that really let me see more into the art of movies in particular. This week started off with an update on the movie my group made, named “Misplaced”. My update can be found just below.

As the natural follow up to the update, since it is the end of the week now, we have also completed it, give it a watch.

It was really great getting to do a second assignment with the same group as before. It was kind of eye opening working on even a short-length movie and seeing how much goes into making a scene work, or even seem reasonable. I had never taken so many things into account, even simple things like having to shoot the same scene multiple times from different directions. Definitely the experience so far that most overshadowed my expectations.

Rounding out this weeks activities was to put some more thought forward into the infinite possibilities that make up our final project. It is nice to take time the think ahead and plan so that all these differing ideas effectively come into creation.

And as always, last but not least, there were 3 Daily Creates to be done this week. Any chance to send some mindlessness out into the twitterverse isn’t too bad.

These past two weeks have definitely felt like a break from my personal norm when it comes to styles of expression. I look forward to more creativity stress testing as we go forward and I need to branch even farther out of my depths.