This post is for me to take a bit to reflect on one of the radio shows done by another group, a.k.a the competition. I listened to Back to the 80’s Radio Show by the DS106 Ladies. I always like to start with positives when it comes to reflecting and critiquing someone else’s work, so I guess that is where I’ll go to first. Their show is broken up into a few segments that cover a variety of topics, all related to the 80’s. This premise is actually something I really enjoyed because it gives more of a snapshot feel of the 80’s then just covering one category or genre. For their show they covered a deep delve into Whitney Houston, 80’s fashion trends, top 80’s music picks, and top 80’s movie “chick flick” picks. They used commercials and bumpers to break apart the sections, but of them one stood out to me in a good way. They had a commercial for landscape 911 at, which was a funny, over-the-top style commercial that ended up well done in my eyes, especially because it feels like it maybe could have been a commercial aired during the 80’s. They also finished strong with a really good sequence of closing tunes to segway into and out of their outro, with the funk/electronic tune feeling especially appropriate.

Now to move into the critique part, which isn’t too extensive with only one major gripe on my part. There biggest issue I had while listening is needing to CONSTANTLY change my volume because the show would change from soft to lout to quiet to medium to loud and back to soft again. Audio editing should have been used to normalize the volume across the video to make it a little more palatable. With the major critique out of the way, I only had two smaller critiques. The top 80’s music picks could have been more informative or talked about the songs a bit more rather then just play them for listening purposes. And lastly, for the “chick flick” section, some of the picks, while being great movies (princess bride/breakfast club), do not line up in any capacity with what I would consider the standard definition of chick flick. Overall, I did think it was a good production and an enjoyable listen.

As for my own radio show, I was unfortunately unable to hear it broadcast live, but looked at some of the other students comments about it tweeted live and was left feeling pretty happy with the outcome. We put in some hard work and I feel like it shows in the final product. I’m glad at least some people seemed to enjoy a listen. Thank you to those who did, and also to those who did not but still took the time to listen.