One purpose, one goal, make a decent story that can use multiple of my unrelated Daily Creates to add to it in some way. Let’s see how it goes.

There once was an old grumpy man name Mister Sprooge who hated all holidays, especially Christmas. This goes back over 50 years to his childhood when he and Santa got into an argument. It is so long ago that neither of them even remember what it was about, but that didn’t stop their feud from continuing throughout the years. In Sprooge’s youth, he believed himself to be right and thought Santa disagreed simply because he didn’t like him. The truth is that in his old, old age, Santa truly was a wise man and had no ill will towards Sprooge.

Mister Sprooge had his own tradition of making a delicious mouth-watering apple pie on Christmas Eve to eat the next day to cheer himself up, since he knew he wouldn’t receive any presents from Santa. On one such Christmas Eve nights Sprooge was awoken from his slumber by a loud ruckus coming from down stairs. It sounded as if someone was rummaging around in his kitchen. By the time he made it downstairs all the clatter had finished and there was no one to be found. He searched every inch of his kitchen, but nothing was even out of place, that is until he made his way to his refrigerator. He immediately realized his apple pie was missing. In his rage, he was positive that it was Santa who had taken it to ruin his Christmas Day. As he stormed outside in the middle of the night to go find and confront Santa, a single snowflake mysteriously caught his eye as it gently fell from the sky on that clear, snow free night. It was so breathtaking that he forgot all his previous rage and anger. He decided that at least this time, he would forgive Santa.

The next morning after waking up, Sprooge went downstairs to make some coffee and discovered a box sitting in his kitchen that was most certainly not there the night before. It was a present. While a bit skeptical, he decided to open it anyway. It was the most perfect apple pie he had ever seen! With it a note that said “Sorry about your pie, Rudolph got into it while I wasn’t looking. -Santa”. After realizing that he had been wrong in blaming Santa, he decided it was time to live and let live. He finally forgave Santa.


That was my little holiday story for all the readers out there, sorry if it was a bit too corny or nonsensical for you all, but I found it oddly satisfying.