Its time to take a look back at two assignments and remix/upgrade/revise/improve them. My first choice came quick and easy, as the reigning tongue twister champ, I figured it was time to revisit this assignment and once again prove to the doubters that I am indeed the best there ever will be. To prove this I decided to look up a top tongue twisters list and go with number 1, Betty’s Batter. Check it out down below.

For the next assignment, I decided to revisit my previous smooth bumper. Instead of reworking it in a different way like for the tongue twister, I wanted to go over and improve and add to this one. Although I like how it turned out and don’t want to take away from it, I still thought it could have more flair so I decided simply to add more into it. It was more difficult than I thought it would be to splice different clips with different background music together without it sounding horrible. Even with quite a bit of effort it is a little rough at one part.