Not just any storm, but a brainstorm. The goal is a reasonable 20-30 minute radio show, so lets spit some ideas. My personal favorite form of audio content is the open ended podcast, so I could easily see myself going through with a conversation podcast that is loosely guided by 80’s pop culture related topics. The fun of it is that there’s no telling where it will go and you can really get to see into the minds of the people involved, so this is probably my top pick. Another fun thing to do could be an in depth look into some specific event/moment/person/whatever from the 80’s, and dig deep in understanding everything there is to know about it and use the radio show as a casual and fun informative breakdown of whatever that “whatever” we chose is. I’m not overly comfortable with it being a creative audio storytelling session for that amount of time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be convinced by a good premise for a story.