With this being the last weekly summary for the DS106 course, I decided to add some dramatic flair to the title. The only thing that I will cover in this week’s summary is my final project. For my final project, I decided to create a show called “Blast from the Past” in which I look back in this case at the 80’s and 80’s pop culture. It is comprised of two major segments, the first where I talk about what the 80’s is to me and what I think of as the most iconic 80’s pop culture features. This segment was originally titled the same as the show name, but I couldn’t settle on a good name for the second segment, so I re-titled the show and left the segments unnamed. I decided to make this portion a form of audio storytelling with graphics on screen that I put together for the viewer to see while listening. The whole point is to show what the 80’s seems like to someone who only experienced it second hand. For the next segment, we move into a video interview with me interviewing someone who lived through the 80’s (my mother), where I ask her questions to learn her views on the 80’s in general and 80’s pop culture. We also go on to discuss how it relates to current times by talking about the similarities and differences. This part in particular was important to me in the decision to make this an interview style segment. I figured it would allow us to contrast where our view differ and and similar by comparing our perceptions connecting now to the 80’s. The interview segment went a bit longer than expected, but I didn’t want to cut much from it because I think it does such a great job at achieving my goal for the show, to show other people perspective and personal insights about the 80’s. In the end, I believe it turned out well.

Check it out here