I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that sound/music is the least appreciated part of telling a good story, but it can easily make or break the whole thing. Noise is an amazing way to give the viewer the “feel” of the setting or help show the mind space of a character in a given moment. It allows you to immerse into a scene, and inversely it can pull you from a scene and make you feel distant if done poorly. There’s not much worse when watching a movie then when the music feels like it is clashing with what is happening in a scene, because it immediately disconnects you from the story. This is obviously even more clear when it comes to audio only content. I tend to agree with Jad Abumrad‘s opinion that this sort of “radio” style content will never go away, even as we get more and more into visual content as the normal platform. Like Jad talks about, the 1-on-1 feeling you get when there is nothing but the noise to focus on is incredible at drawing you in and making an impact. Although audio storytelling is slowly becoming more of a niche thing, it is hard to imagine it ever dying out.