We started our group assignment strong by figuring out a time early in the week for all of us to meet up. Tuesday we all got together in a reserved room in the HCC on UMW campus to get our plans on track. After introducing ourselves, we got down to business. The main goal was to figure out the tasks of each member through the 2 week period for this radio show. The key factor being determining what our radio show would actually be about. Although we originally were leaning towards an 80’s music theme, we decided it seemed difficult to produce enough content with the ideas we had in mind, so we started moving away and eventually all landed on movie themed segments. After deciding on the timeline of the entire show, we divvied out who would work on which parts, to eventually add together as a collective whole next week. It felt like the entire process ran smoothly with all our members getting along well and everyone being pretty motivated to make a good radio show. Let’s see how it turns out, next week on Dragon Ball Radio Show…. which is not the name of our group, just an awkward ending transition that never goes out of style.