With the ever growing acceptance of “nerd” culture, some things become more mainstream and known, like for instance anime. In another rendition of visual assignments I was given the task of bring the classic anime style big eyes to a photo of a not-so-anime person. In keeping with the 80’s theme, who better to make an anime character than the king himself, Michael Jackson.

I thought it would be a quick and easy task to just make his eyes bigger, but as usual I was incorrect. I at no point beforehand took into account that the eyebrows need to move to make up for his eyes getting bigger. I think he looks less odd anime-eyed out than most people would because he already has a unique look to him and he already had some decent sized peepers as well. On an odd tangent, this makes me wonder if he ever knew about anime before he passed. Pretty happy with how this one turned out though, the signs of editing are not glaring back at me in full force. I’ll take that as a win.