For my final project, I decided to make an 80’s theme show called “80’s Throwback”. The show will encompass audio, video, and design media as ways to communicate my story to those who will watch. It will be comprised of two major segments:

Segment One - Flash from the Past
This will be a video section where I interview people who lived through through the 80's and personally experienced the pop culture for themselves. I plan to ask them about what their favorite pop culture things from the time, how they would compare it to pop culture currently, what they think from the 80's had them biggest impact on today, and other similar things that could give perspectives unique to people who personally lived through the time period. I'm unsure of the overall length of time this segment will be currently, as I have only found my interview subjects but have yet to interview them.
Segment Two - Name TBD
This will be an audio and design segment where I go through and reflect on what I think are the most iconic things (products/art/performances/anything) from 80's pop culture that best represent the times, as someone who did not live through the 80's and has only experienced it through media. After working through about half my current list, this segment should end up being approximately 10-15 minutes.

I plan to wrap all this together with a nice intro, ending credits, and some reasonable and pleasing transitions that will hopefully leave the viewer feeling like they just got back from a quick trip to the 80’s themselves.