After scanning a majority of the content made so far that’s 80’s related, I noticed a lack of content focused around TV during that time. Most things have some ties to music or movies from the 80’s, including my own, which is reasonable given how impactful they were. Whether it is just taking a look into what was popular at the time and influences they had going forward, or something less standard, TV could be a good jumping off point. Another idea that crossed my mind is a bit less informative, but could be fun and entertaining. I kind of like the idea of taking iconic scenes from movies or TV during the 80’s and rewriting the dialogue to match how it would sound if it took place today, in 2019. I think the times, while being similar, are also extremely different when it comes to individual interactions between people that it could be really interesting. Or taking it even further, possibly take an entire plot and try to pass it through a 2019 filter and talk about how it would probably turn out in today’s cinema, what would be different and what could stay the same. Some movies, with the same premise, I think would end up with a pretty different final plot line. If it is for a group assignment, I’m open to working on anything that seems interesting, but I do think it is time to jump a little off the continuous, expected content.