In a very productive edition of audio assignments, I was instructed to make a radio commercial for an 80’s product. This actually worked out perfectly because for my upcoming group radio show assignment, we need to have commercials, so this gave me an opportunity to multipurpose my work to achieve two goals. For some reason whenever it comes to anything where I need to record my voice with no picture, I immediately jump to the idea of a corny joke style. Still no clue why, but I’m not complaining because it feels like it works out well. I went into it with the idea of going part retro feeling, part jokey, part nonsense. I think it came out the other end lining up pretty accurately with me preconceived notion. I used Audacity to record myself voicing the lines for my walkman commercial, then added in the music and noises afterwords. Although the first version of a walkman came out late 1979, it is one of the most iconic pieces of 80’s tech out there. And as you will find out, you cant spell cool without w-a-l-k-m-a-n.